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SMPS of Southeast Louisiana Conference

This week LACHIN Architects participated in the SMPS Southeast Louisiana's "Making Big Moves" Annual Conference and Awards event. We were so happy to have our own Angie Weidel lead a roundtable discussion on Cold Calling and present as the final keynote speaker of the day. The other presenters, Dr. Tommy Karam of LSU, Brad Bongiovanni of Rockitscience, and Matt Conner of Coach Conner also delivered interesting content and inspirational messages. There was even an unexpected Rock, Paper, Scissors championship which Angie also won! We enjoyed seeing our marketing expert, Rachel Ledet of 30|90 Marketing leading a roundtable as well. It's always a joy to see our partners in their element! Check out the photos from the event!

"The Platinum Rule and How We Should Use It"
Rachel Ledet of 30|90 Marketing and Angie Weidel

Stephen Darre' and Angie Weidel
Angie and Rachel and the other ladies leading their roundtables

Rock all the way for the WIN!!

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