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LACHIN Architects are experts in disaster recovery. We help our clients resurrect damaged facilities and  design new, resilient facilities, that mitigate damage from future disasters.

Our firm has completed over $400 million of post‐disaster related construction for public and private clientele. In the wake of previous storms and disasters we have helped immediately, responding to state and local agencies to assess damages and determine appropriate repairs and project scopes. Our project teams have extensive experience working alongside FEMA, GOHSEP and CDBG.


Following disasters, our firm has the proven ability and knowledge of FEMA guidelines to help owners secure and defend eligible funding. We thoroughly review damage assessments and carefully craft scope alignments. We ensure that communication is well documented, and correspondences are meticulously prepared. This attention to detail facilitates project closeout and avoids potential auditing issues. In many cases, our accurate documentation and archiving has resolved FEMA audit queries, literally saving our clients millions of dollars.

Previous repair programs include those resulting from Hurricane Katrina, the Great Flood of 2016, Hurricane Laura & Delta, various fire damages, and most recently Hurricane Ida. Project scopes have included repairs to interior building finishes/components, exterior wall envelopes, exterior openings, roofs, structural repairs, as well as mechanical and electrical system repairs. In some instances, repairs/damages may be so significant that a case for fully funded replacement facilities can be made. To make the case for a fully funded replacement, a complete understanding and proper application of FEMA Guidelines and the Stafford Act is required. With this knowledge, our team has successfully facilitated the application of the 50% Rule of “Repair vs Replacement” to over a half dozen damaged facilities. 



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