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Interview with Lead Draftsman, Brian Broussard

At LACHIN Architects, we have lots of staff members that do exciting things. While our staff has been involved with some pretty cool projects around the region, our folks have some really interesting hobbies too! Our Business Developer, Angie Weidel, sat down with Lead Draftsman, Brian Broussard, about his interest in motorcycles and machinery. He had some great things to say. Have a look!

Angie: How would you describe the daily duties currently at LACHIN as Lead Draftsman?

Brian: We all do drafting to some degree, but as the lead, I do the bulk of what LA puts down on paper. Translating thoughts into drawings that contractors can understand.

Angie: What type of schooling did you need in machinery and why did you pursue it? How did this hobby of yours come about?

Brian, age 11, with his motorcycle

Brian: Delgado Community College “Certificate of Technical Studies” (CTS). It was a two year course in manual machining and CNC (computer numerical controlled) machining. After learning how to weld, I wanted to make metallic parts that I could create into assemblies for my motorcycles, thus getting into machinery. Hobby of cycles started when I was 11, with basic maintenance that ascended into creating custom motorcycles.

Angie: What do you build in your spare time? I know part of this answer is motorcycles, but I'm wondering if you do the entire motorcycle or just parts? Also, are there other machines you like to build? Brian: Haven’t built a complete motorcycle yet, I’m speaking of starting with a custom frame. But I do have the plans for such. My racing motorcycle would be the closest I’ve come to building one from scratch. Started with a frame and engine and went from there. Mostly I make spacers and brackets, but I’m currently building an exhaust system for a two-cycle engine which has its own peculiarities. I like building paddle boats, but those are either fiberglass or wood.

Customized machined spindle shaft
Customized machined bolt

Angie: What do you do with the things you build? Sell them? Give as gifts? Keep them as your own collectibles?

Rhonda’s Ring Plate

Brian: I just build machine parts to suit my interest at the time.

Nothing for sale. I did make a ring plate as a Christmas gift for my wife, Rhonda. I create human, vehicular and animal figurines from champagne tops and give them as gifts. You can see one (guitarist) in Peter’s office.

Skiing Figurine
Wedding Couple

Angie: What do you love most about this hobby? Brian: Anything I can dream up, I can build. Angie: What would you say to someone who might have an interest in pursuing this as a hobby or perhaps as a career? Brian: America needs people to get interested in the trades. If you like being a “maker” this is it. In Germany, graduating as a master machinist will get a mention in the newspaper, but a college degree will not. Angie: Any other points of interest that you'd like to add? Brian: Architecture is pretty cool too!

Simone, the motorcycle Brian built
Brian and Simone on the racetrack!
Brian hard at work!

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