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LACHIN Architects attends A4LE School Tour

Last week, LACHIN Architects attended the most recent A4LE/IFMA event, a tour of Jefferson Terrace Elementary School in Baton Rouge. It was an exciting experience to finally get out and visit with some folks that we’ve been talking to on the phone (or Zoom) for over a year now! First off, we’d like to celebrate our friends and colleagues at EBR Schools, CSRS, Grace Hebert Curtis, Cangelosi Ward, Salas O'Brien and the many other engineers and subcontractors that worked so hard on the Jefferson Terrace project. It was an impressive facility and one that the entire team and school system should be proud of.

As a member of A4LE, we continue to be impressed by the events and facilities that they promote, as they truly help shape the future of our education system. There is significant thought that goes into the implementation of new teaching practices both as designers, but more importantly by state and local school leaders. LACHIN Architects looks forward to further participation and opportunities to promote A4LE events. We urge anyone, specifically educators and educational facility personnel, to visit research A4LE to see how they may get involved. Louisiana has a local chapter A4LE Louisiana Chapter which can be found on A4LE’s website or Facebook.

A4LE (Association for Learning Environments) is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is improving the places where children learn.

Photo Credit: Jamie McKnight

Photo Credit: Jamie McKnight

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