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Good Documents = Good Projects

If you have been paying attention at all, you are no doubt aware of a couple of high-profile construction disasters that have been prominently featured in local news stories. Anytime we are faced with the personal and financial hardships that result from low standards and poor workmanship, we are clearly reminded of the need for a sharp focus on quality in all aspects of design and construction.

A hallmark of LACHIN Architects apc is our commitment to producing construction documents (building plans and specs) that are of the highest quality. Plans and specs are high quality when they are thorough, detailed, well-organized, and checked and rechecked for quality control. Additionally, good plans are created with the support of sound structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

Well prepared documents pay off for all stakeholders in the project: our clients, the community, the contractor, and our firm. Our clients gain by reducing their exposure to change orders that increase cost; avoiding delays and construction failures; and achieving accurate pricing and enforceable documentation of the construction contract. Sloppy plans almost never lead to a successful project.

The community benefits also. Well-designed and well-built buildings enhance the value of the surrounding community and improve the quality of life for the people in that community. In the instance of roads and bridges, or community infrastructure, we hate it when bridges collapse and neighborhoods flood! Good design, good documents, and good construction make good communities.

Quality contractors appreciate high-quality documents because of the opportunity to present good bids, improve constructability, and minimize the chance for disputes. Some contractors actually prefer poorly coordinated documents, and you can guess why.

Finally, LACHIN Architects gains in reputation when our clients appreciate that we are the “no-drama” architects, and that reputation stems directly from our commitment to the highest professional standards. We thrive on the opportunity to share our years of experience and design/construction knowledge with our partners whether client, community, contractor, or peers.

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