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A Letter from our President: Addressing Covid-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to lurk throughout our communities, our economy, and our lives with still undetermined future impact. Like everyone else, we as Architects are engaged and concerned at all levels as we attempt to adapt and respond to current and future uncertainties.

At LACHIN Architects, apc (LA, apc) we have been very fortunate not to have experienced a direct hit among our employees or our families.

As most professional offices, the modern architectural practice relies very heavily on technologies that allow us to maintain lines of communication with one another and with our clients.

The shift to remote workspaces and digital conferencing have been managed with great efficiency as our design and production work has suffered little disruption; similarly, construction has for the most part moved forward without interruption. As the COVID threat lingers, this good fortune will certainly be challenged.

Unfortunately, all of us in our industry will be impacted by the longer-term effects of COVID on real estate and property development which underlie our professions. Our schools and their administrations continue to grapple with managing re-opening, on-line learning, social distancing, transportation, extra-curricular activities; safe learning and teaching

environments. The upheaval in health care is much more profound with the burden imposed on first responders, patients in need and patients in-waiting, the management of outbreaks which so quickly overwhelm hospitals and providers.

In spite of the uncertainty, and beyond the simple principles of basic hygiene and the courtesy of masking, as an office and a profession, we are always mindful of solutions, our future, and how the built environment can contribute to these issues. We have all begun to witness the ubiquity of plexiglass and tape on floors to help realize best practices in managing airborne spread of the virus. At the same time there are many more opportunities we are exploring to reshape the way we live, work, and play that will provide healthier spaces for us all.

At LA, apc we embrace forward thinking of the sort that is re-defining the places we inhabit with excitement, and expectation of solutions that in time will re-define ourselves and our communities.

Be safe and stay healthy.

Michael G. Lachin


LACHIN Architects, apc

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