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"If you've ever had to climb a water tower..."

Before the rednecks can climb a water tower to defend their sister's honor, there must be a water tower to climb! In this case, the water tower is not used as a public notice station to a specific town, but rather to provide emergency water services to the Sonny Montgomery VA Hospital in Jackson, MS. This project along with the elevator upgrades and the Ward 2A renovation have been ongoing for LACHIN in the Greater Jackson Area. We are privileged to be working with Husman Environmental and Construction on this project. Our President, Michael Lachin recently said this about the folks at Husman:

"We wish to compliment Lynn Wolfe and all the Husman team on the water tower project.

Nothing speaks more directly to the quality of a project as it is unfolding than the way in which the contractor maintains his jobsite and runs his progress meetings."

We are fortunate to have developed some great new relationships like the one we now have with Husman Environmental and Construction on projects like this water tower. Hopefully, it will remain in pristine condition with no spray paint to be found!

Photo Credit: Husman Environmental and Construction

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