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Lafon Nursing Exterior 3.jpg

Project Type: Healthcare, Elderly Care
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Size: 77,000 square feet

Lafon Nursing Exterior 1.jpg

Lafon Nursing Home

The Lafon Nursing Facility was heavily damaged from flooding due to levee failures after Hurricane Katrina. The facility took on approximately 4 feet of flood waters. The 77,000 square foot facility was evaluated and determined to be structurally sound with the building envelope intact. The facility was gutted, remediated, and renovated. Renovations included code updates and mitigation of building systems, including raising mechanical equipment and the emergency generator to levels above the previous flood level.

Lafon Nursing Interior 1.jpg
Lafon Nursing Interior 8.1.jpg
Lafon Nursing Interior 3.jpg
Lafon Nursing Interior 9.jpg
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