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Lacoste 9th Grade Natatorium 1.jpg
Lacoste 9th Grade Exterior 1.jpg

Project Type: K12 Education

Location: Chalmette, Louisiana

Size: 105,000 square feet

Lacoste Ninth Grade Academy

The Lacoste 9th Grade Campus Project began with the demolition of an existing 70,000 square foot storm damaged school campus. The 9th Grade Campus was designed and built as a state of the art facility integrating sustainable features throughout. The main building structure comprises of a reinforced concrete frame, masonry interior and exterior walls, and elevated utility systems making it capable of withstanding future storms and flooding. Instructional spaces in the educational wings of the campus have been tailored to ninth grade students. These spaces include collaboration areas, classrooms, science labs, computer labs, and an outdoor dining courtyard. Also included on the 9th Grade Campus is a 48,000 square foot Field House with a gymnasium, wrestling room, weight room, and a competition-size swimming pool. The Field House is shared by the 9th Grade Campus, all grade levels at the adjacent high school, and surrounding community groups in Chalmette. The 9th Grade Campus and Field House are connected to Chalmette High School by way of an enclosed elevated bridge across Highway 39.

Lacoste 9th Grade Gymnasium 1.jpg
Lacoste 9th Grade Fitness Center 1.jpg
Lacoste 9th Grade Bridge.jpg
Lacoste 9th Grade Bridge1.jpg
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