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Trist Middle School Classroom Addition

Project Type: Elementary, K12 Education

Location: Meraux, Louisiana

Size: 14,000 square feet

The N.P. Trist Middle School Classroom Addition was designed to accommodate eighth grade students on an existing school campus. The existing school campus is uniquely arranged diagonally on the site. The addition was situated between an existing gymnasium, an existing parking area and two new recreational ball fields. Dimensional requirements for the ball fields presented some unique design challenges with regard to the building footprint and resulted in a building that "dog-legs" to fit the available area of the site. The new addition includes nine classrooms, a biology lab, a computer lab, restrooms and other support functions. The choice of materials and location of the key mechanical and electrical systems were carefully chosen to minimize the recovery time in case of a flood event. Also included in the project was the design of the school’s new baseball, softball and soccer facilities.

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