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St. Bernard Middle School Stadium

Project Type: Athletic, K12 Education

Location: Poydras, Louisiana

St. Bernard Middle School received substantial renovations to the educational buildings following Hurricane Katrina. In an effort to ​revitalize the sports ​facilities on-site, both the baseball and football stadiums received extensive repairs and renovation. The football and baseball stadiums received structural repairs to the existing concrete structures, new seating, new custom powder-coated railings, and new press boxes featuring state-of-the-art audio and visual special systems. At each stadium, ground level locker rooms and concessions were reconstructed utilizing flood resistant materials. The football and baseball fields received new irrigation systems and natural grass sod, with a brand new NHSAA size synthetic track surrounding the football field. The project also included a new prefinished metal canopy that was located between the bus loading zone and the main gymnasium entry.

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