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Adding to the normal challenges of any large project, this campus was fully occupied for the entire 3-year duration of the project, and a description of the project phasing is presented. 

After attending this session, attendees will be able to:
* Describe the devastating effects of flood damage.
* Analyze the challenges of renovation vs. new construction.
* Identify the key issues in balancing the preservation of historic features with the demands of modern educational spaces, technologies, and energy efficiency.
* Apply strategies to protect critical building components from future flooding.
*Describe how tactical changes to existing building components can significantly increase energy efficiency.
* Describe the process for complete reconstruction of a fully and continuously occupied campus while preserving the integrity of the high school experience.
*Navigate through FEMA and the Federal Funding Process – “Speaking the Language”


Lachin Architects, apc has moved into it's new office space in the Firemen's Charitable and Benevolent Association Office Building located at 5190 Canal Boulevard.

The Chalmette High School Renovations & Additions project has recently been completed! The project spanned over 4 years of construction, utilizing a phased approach to allow for continued full student/teacher occupancy. LOA and Core Construction have teamed up to create a video documenting the school's history, recent construction challenges, and the relationships cultivated during the project.

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We are excited to announce that we have changed our name from Lachin Oubre' & Associates to

Lachin Architects, apc! Be on the lookout for our re-branded marketing material! 


Transforming a Hurricane Katrina-Ravaged, Mid-Century Modern School Building into a Modern Learning Environment

Chalmette High School is the flagship high school in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.  This presentation addresses the renovation and redevelopment of a typical mid-century modern school campus designed in the 1960’s in Southern Louisiana.  Although built to withstand hurricane winds, the campus buildings and infrastructure were catastrophically damaged by the 10 feet of flood waters brought on by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. With heightened awareness of potential future flood events, the architects and consultants developed a design approach to minimize future flood damage and accelerate recovery time.  Other challenges included providing state-of-the-art building systems and technological components into a cast-in-place concrete structure with significant spatial restraints.  The resultant campus-wide renovation is one that rivals any new high school design both aesthetically and functionally.

The presentation will also review the technological advancements in the realm of educational practice and building technologies that allow the vintage facility to meet modern expectations for a variety of educational formats, building performance, fire protection, and security.  Additionally, through carefully integrated energy conservation measures, campus energy savings of up to 50% are achieved based on energy modeling studies and past performance.

LACHIN Architects presents

"The Unsinkable Chalmette High School" at the Association for Learning Environments National Conference!

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